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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and although I have traveled a lot, I have never experienced a real winter. So, I decided to head north after dropping off my Airstream at the factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, and see how I would fare in the winter wonderland. I came vastly underprepared, and I had to make many trips to many different stores to get all of the gear that I needed to survive and go play in the snow. Then, the Arctic Apocalypse hit and temperatures dropped down to 29 below, with dangerously low wind chills. When the locals tell you, “You need to be really careful out there. Most of us don’t even venture out in these temperatures,” then you know it’s serious. More trips to the store for more gear!

There are two very special thanks that I would like to make:

The first goes out to Alyssa at Grand Marais Family Dentistry. During the holiday break, I was taken down with the most intense tooth pain I have ever felt. They came in on their day off, in the middle of holiday festivities, to do a root canal and alleviate my suffering.

The second goes out to Kevin at Cook County Towing. I have a 2500 diesel truck, and I have never had it in temperatures like this. Kevin saw me at a gas station with my hood up, and spent 15 minutes in the blasting cold wind helping me check everything out, and then took me back to his shop and gave me some additive to keep my fuel from gelling up.

To both of you, I will be forever grateful for your “Minnesota Nice,” and I am very happy for the new friendships!


All I have done since I have been in the area is go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. I have a lot left to edit and post, but here are some of my favorites. Check back soon, as this page will most definitely be updated with all of the awesomeness of the North Shore and Lake Superior area!

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